Friday, May 30, 2014

Music that Makes You Think of this Deity

Music that I associate with Hecate - I do not claim ownership of any of these works.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Art That Reminds You of this Deity

There is some amazing work out there that depicts the Goddess.

Hekate - Queen of Witches
Jeff Cullen Artistry

Hecate by Hrefngast

Goddess Hecate - JBarnum

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Good & Bad - Qualities of Hecate

Like others who have taken part in this exercise regarding Hecate, I too, often wonder if I'm following the same deity as my fellow Hecateans.  Just a few weeks ago in a Facebook group I belong to someone asked if anyone had ever had to call upon Hecate by (and I'll use their words here) "open a can of whoopass on someone"

Now, from her history I understand that Hecate is no one to be trifled with.  But to me, it never came across as some sort of attack.  Certainly not a "can of whoopass".  She comes to me silently usually.  She has a torch and she sheds light.  You can see what is there.  It has no emotion attached to it.  It is simply the truth. To me that is the quality in her I admire most.  Revealing the truth is not always an easy thing to do.  And sometimes people don't want to hear the truth. They want to live in their own little world and not really see what's going on.  To me, when you call upon Hecate you need to be ready for two things.  Truth and justice.

The troubling parts are of course the animal sacrifices.  Throughout human history we have felt the need to shed blood as a way to pay some sort of price to our deities.  Hecate is certainly no exception.  She has had black dogs, puppies, ewes & bulls sacrificed to her.

As a follower of her today I do not believe in harming of any animals.  My offerings to her consist of garlic, leeks and honey.

Photo Credit - Sosanna Olson - Harvest Altar

On special occasions or in the case of special spell-work I may use my own blood(1) as an offering.

Photo Credit - Sosanna Olson - Hecate Blood Offering

Photo Credit - Sosanna Olson - Blood Offering Altar

(1) Blood offerings are not for everyone, this blog is in no way suggesting that others use blood offerings or take part in blood offerings.  This is a special situation and should not be taken lightly.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rite of Her Sacred Fires (RoHSF) - Honoring the Goddess

Today we celebrate the Goddess.  Please join us in honoring her.  You can find all the information on Rite of Her Sacred Fires webpage.


Find a quiet place where you will be able to perform the rite undisturbed. You will need a candle (or another form of devotional fire, such as a lamp or hearth fire) and something with which to light it.  You may wish to consecrate the candle, or other materials you will be using in keeping with your usual tradition of working, otherwise please simply ensure that it is clean.


Make yourself comfortable, breathe deeply and find your point of balance, a balance of mind and soul and body, which will present you proud and beautiful to the world.  Breathe deeply and find your voice, the voice with which you will speak words of true and pure intent.  Breathe deeply and call upon the freedom within your heart so that you will be able to express yourself with purity of intent and with strength of desire.

Place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats).  Now enclose your thumbs within both your hands (in fists) and raise both your arms to the heavens.

Open your hands and with palm upwards in your left hand, bring your right arm to your side palm facing downwards and invoke the Goddess.


I invoke thee, Great Mistress of the Heaven, Earth and Sea,

By your mysteries of Night and Day,

By the Light of the Moon and the Shadow of the Sun

I invoke thee, Mistress of life, death and rebirth

Emerge now from the shadow realm to feed my soul and enlighten my mind,

Triple-formed Mistress of the three ways

I entreat thee, Key-bearing Mistress of the Nightwandering Souls

To bring forth your wisdom from amongst the stars

To bring down your starfire from the darkness between,

Creatrix of Light!

Goddess of the Shadow Realms! Light-bearing queen!

Whisper now your secrets!

Fire-bringer! Earthly-one! Queen of Heaven!

[Raise both hands with palms facing upwards to the heavens (three heartbeats) and then touch the ground palms downwards]

[Sit before the candle and prepare to light it]

[Take three deep breaths and allow your senses to awaken]


Hekate, companion and guide to the mysteries

I light this sacred fire in your honour,  [light fire]

Its light uniting the stars and stones, the heavens and the earth,

With this fire I express my desire for a greater understanding of your mysteries

Askei Kataskei Erōn Oreōn Iōr Mega Samnyēr Baui (3 times) Phobantia Semnē,

Great Hekate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life

Guide me through towards pathways of understanding,

From Crossroad to Crossroad,

The Torchbearers and the Keybearers of your mysteries,

will always find one another,

Now sit and watch the flame flicker and dance, allow yourself to focus on the different colours in the flame, the yellows and reds, the blues and whites, and the black.  If you wish you may decide to spend some time meditating on the flame, skrying for visions or omens.  Likewise, you may wish to extinguish it and keep the candle – let your true self radiate brightly its beautiful mysteries from this day on forth, the flame of the fires of Hekate burns on in your heart!

I banish now the shadows of doubt from my mind,

Infused by the silence and warmth of our union

I feel your golden radiance within my heart

And the glory of knowledge on my brow,

I am a student of your mysteries.

Extinguish the flame, then place both your hands on your heart (three heartbeats), your forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand to your lips (three heartbeats), and then to your brow (three heartbeats).

Open your palms reaching towards the heaven, then reach down and touch the Earth.

[Copyright Notice]

This ritual was written in celebration of the completion of the book Hekate Her Sacred Fires and as an act of Devotion to the Goddess Hekate.  Permission is given for the adaptation of this ritual for personal and group use.  The ritual is designed to be performed as is, but can also be incorporated into longer rituals, and is compatible with most magical traditions.  Whoever performs this rite takes personal responsibility for the results (or lack of results!) thereof, the author cannot be held responsible for any undesired effects. This ritual may be reproduced freely for non-commercial purposes in any format electronic or printed, providing that this original notice remain intact. 

For any changes, updates and further resources see

(c)Sorita d’Este, 2010

Friday, May 9, 2014

How does this deity relate to other gods and other pantheons?

Hecate has been related to various goddess figures.  Selene, Artemis, Isis and even Lucifer are often associated with her.  If we look back at our history we can see that many religions have very similar figures. I like to say there's a little bit of Jesus in every religion.  That's not to give Christianity the credit for being the source of all religions but more to say that all religions really come from the same place.

Hecate Altar - Sosanna
By Sosanna (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

To me, What some call Isis, or Artemis another may call Hecate.  Deities come to you in a form that you can understand and relate to.  I believe that deities may morph as well.  What I need today from my religion may not be what I need next year.  The justice I needed when my mother lived here, I found in Hecate.  The strength I needed when I was finally able to get her out of my house, I found in Hecate.  Today my ability to stand up for others and cry out for what I view is the right thing to do, I attribute to her.

Each one of us takes what we need from the deity.  They give us a strength that we need to move forward.  I think this is how the different deities changed throughout history.

Friday, May 2, 2014

How does this deity stand in terms of gender and sexuality? (historical and/or UPG)

The most common belief of Hecate is that she was a virgin goddess and was young and feminine.  Her are mostly depicted as a young woman or group of women.

Below you can see that the face appears to be young and the clothing is typically that worn by feminine women.

by Stéphane Mallarmé, in les Dieux Antiques

Hekate BM G17
Public Domain - Wikicommons
My experiences with Hecate have been as a single deity.  I've never had a real male figure in my practice and while working with her I've not been drawn to any particular God figure.